Best 9 keyword research tools for SEO 2020

This is the best 9 SEO keyword research tools in 2020

These tools help to rank on search engine organically this my own experience

In this guide, I’ll share my personal experience

The best keyword tools…

And it helps you to choose the right tools for you at the end…

BEST 9 keyword research tools

  1. keyword planner

keyword planner is a free keyword research tool provided by Google.

Google has a massive database, keyword planner suggests you keyword ideas, average monthly search, competition level.

google keyword planner

Also, it shows you a high range of keywords.

Recently keyword planner testing beta version refine keywords here you can easily filter brand, information, place, service, language, and other keywords

In my personal experience keyword planner one of the best free tool ever for keyword research

  1. Ahrefs keyword explorer 

Ahrefs is a paid tool but it will help to take smart decision while doing keyword research

Also, it will save your time

This keyword research tool provided you super-duper in-depth key features.

Ahrefs provides you ultimate unique data such as no of monthly search volume, keyword difficulties, here they divide into easy, hard, super hard, extremely hard to rank (80/100 score) another key feature shows you how many clicks you get on results.


Ahrefs also suggest you exactly how many backlinks need to rank on top first on a search engine for particular keywords

I use this tool for backlinks analysis purpose but it is one of the super-duper in-depth best keyword research tools also one more think this it won’t give a different kind of keyword ideas.

  1. Google search console 

Google search console is not a particular keyword research tools but we can use for keyword research

Do you know how?

Google search console is website performance tool their will one feature helps you to find “keyword opportunity” to your website

google search console

Once you visit search console check the queries here you can find which keywords are performing well to your website

It suggests the number of impressions, number of clicks to related new keywords.

  1. Keyword tool io

Keyword tool io is found generate keyword using google autocomplete you have to select keyword and country on that base it will suggest the google auto-suggestion where the people most search on google

keyword research io

Also, it shows you search trends and you can select related keywords then export into CSV file

Personally, my suggestion it’s amazing tools you can use for google auto-suggestion keywords it saves your time.

  1. Moz Keyword explorer 

Moz keyword explorer is the best keyword research tool where you can analysis keywords such as monthly search volume, search difficulties, and key feature organic CTR and priority


Those are the awesome feature you can know how many clicks you can expect your targeted keywords

Their awesome unique thing keyword suggestion you can filter display the keyword suggest

moz keyword explorer

In my personally, I won’t use this keyword tool but it’s a great tool where you can find different kinds of keyword ideas.

  1. Google trends 

Google trends you can find new keywords and camper with a relevant keyword then analysis which searches trending keywords.

There will be two ways to use google trends for keyword research

First type/ search particular keyword on the search box


google trends

And find out the related keywords then select those keywords


Check those keywords in which keywords are performing well/ growing well then select the best trending keywords.



Another most important thing keeps it in mind camper two or three relevant keywords and looks at trending keyword or average search volume.

Take a look live example we will search for entertaining related keyword such as pubg and tiktok

google trends



Now you choose the best trending keyword

You can observe interest over time average monthly search pubg is trending keyword you can target thing keyword in your entertaining blog.

Personally, whenever you start keyword research trending and best performing keyword

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an awesome SEO tool for analysis like backlinks, keyword research, site audit, social media analysis, and a lot more.

SEMrush slightly different tools where we already show as far.

Once we search a specific keyword that will show you organic search traffic per month

  • SEMrush has a huge database like Alexa based on that will show SEMrush rank based on organic traffic per month.
  • It also shows you estimated organic visitors come on organic traffic.
  • Traffic cost is based on google ads (ACPC) how much value this traffics

SEMrush keyword research

The most important thing I was found in this tool you can find your competitor keywords which keywords they are using, how many keywords are they using, and also you can find how many keywords they are ranking top on google.

my suggestion SEMrush one of the best tools for SEO you can easily find your competitors, also its best for keyword research, website audit,

if you’re serious about SEO you must use this tool.

  1. Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool for keyword research

It is a free tool with a great feature such as search volume, keyword difficulties, paid difficulties, cost per click

Also, you’ll get a list of keyword ideas to search trends.


I use sometimes these tools before when I camper to this tool with other paid tools there will be little difference, I found search volume and keyword difficulties.

If you don’t have investment for paid keyword research tools than go with ubersuggest

It’s one of the great free tools.

  1. Answer the public 

Answer the public is a great tool you can find five features such as questions, preposition, comparisons, alphabetical and related search.

Let’s talk about one by one

We will start searching “digital marketing” keyword

First, you’ll see questions with visualization

answer the public questions

There are containing query with question marks such as who, why, how, what, when, is

For example:

  • How digital marketing works?
  • Who is a digital marketing specialist?
  • Why digital marketing is important?
  • Can digital marketing make you reach?
  • Will digital marketing automated?
  • What is digital marketing?

Let’s talk about the second one

Second, you’ll see with prepositions visualization

keyword research tools

There are containing query with prepositions with, us, for, without, to, near

For example:

  • digital marketing for small business
  • digital marketing without SEO
  • digital marketing to earn money
  • digital marketing near me

third, you’ll see comparisons with visualization

keyword research tools

There are containing queries with comparisons versus, vs, like, and, or.

For example:

  • digital marketing versus traditional marketing
  • digital marketing vs traditional marketing
  • digital marketing and advertising

forth, you’ll see alphabetical with visualization

keyword research tools

There are containing query with alphabetical A-Z


Fifth, you’ll see related with visualization

answer the public relevant

There are containing query with related

For example:

  • digital marketing jobs
  • digital marketing course
  • digital marketing salary
  • digital marketing agency

like this, you can find many keyword ideas in answer the public

I love these tools for keyword research because they give different unique ideas if camper to other tools.

bonus tips

when you start keyword research consider high search volume, low keyword difficulties

it will help you to rank on top on search engine result page

if your beginner in digital marketing then learn fundamentals of digital marketing 

if I left any keywords please comment below right now.


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