The Ultimate Guide to Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 2020

This is the ultimate guide to Fundamentals of digital marketing 2020

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

  • How to find an online opportunity
  • Utilizing online Platforms for the success of your business.
  • How to build online visibility of your business.
  • Understanding about SEM and SEO
  • Basic web analytics Measure and track online marketing Lots more.

So, if you wanted to Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, you’ll Love this Guide.

Let’s get started


Chapter 1. Finding Business online opportunities.

Chapter 2. Utilizing an Online Platform for success.

Chapter 3. Building Online presences.

Chapter 4. Barnstorming online business strategy.

Chapter 5. Let’s start with the Search engine.

Chapter 6. Overview of Social media marketing.

Chapter 7. Let’s start content marketing.

Chapter 8. Basic E-Mail marketing.

Chapter 9. How to measure or track successful online marketing.

Chapter 1

Finding Business online opportunities.

In this chapter, I will cover Digital Terms, online opportunities, and the Benefits of online opportunities.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an online marketing platform where you can promote your business, Build Brand, sell products or services online such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, E-Mail marketing, content marketing is known as digital marketing.


Finding a Business Online opportunity  

There are a lot of fantastic opportunities

  • finding Lots of new customers through online nowadays
  • Selling your product or services directly from websites, e-commerce sites, and app.
  • Deliver the Targeting the right customers through advertising.
  • Build a Better relationship with your audience then you can sell your product or services locally or globally.
  • In Dec 2019, there were around 2.5 Billion monthly active Facebook users across the world & Face book is one of the best online platforms for every business.

 Benefits of Online opportunity

  • Learn more about what are your customer preferences or expectations.
  • One of the main benefits of online opportunity is Reasonable cost & effective results.
  • You can grow your business faster
  • You can Reach potential audiences online.
  • The online opportunity helps to extend sales.

Chapter 2

How to Success Your Business in Online Platform

Now it’s time to find how to success every business online

specifically, in this chapter I will cover setting online goals, Successful marketing campaigns, analyzing, and adopting.

There are many ways to promote a business in online

Setting Online goals

  • every business has its own goals like lead generation, website traffic, promoting products, increase brand awareness, increasing sales.
  • Building relationships on the social network like Facebook groups and other communities.
  • Let’s assume we have a fitness centre in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Our main goal is to be to increase admissions to the gym, so our target should be a local business to reach more people in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Further, we can add our business in a local directory like Google my business, yahoo, Bing & other directories. Here we can share information about Gym opening and closing time, Map/ location, admission fees, offers, different services, testimonials, photos, and videos. With optimizing keyword which helps you rank on local directory and also helps you to find new clients to your gym.

Here you can see the real-time example of how local directory helps us while I am searching on google for “best hotels near me for dinner”.

local listing example

Now we got some of the results on google we can easily find best hotels near me with location details, testimonial, reviews, opening hours and closing hours, prices, photos, and videos.

Successful marketing campaigns

  1. Create local listing

In digital world online visibility impact on Success of your Business every business have to build local listing in the above we already discussed local listing when we have any local business local directory help you to reach more customer near you and it shows our business place and most of the detail to a customer when they are searched on search engine one of the main benefits is you can easily reach more customers and get more revenue.

  1. Create one website for your business

Website will help you to know about your business information like what are the services are you providing, book a product, appointment, add a payment option, contact us information, and also add testimonials it will help you build trust and people can know about you, once you build trust with customers then it will help you to increase sales.

  1. Create Social media business pages

Nowadays every person active on different social media platforms so know where your audience is most active and choose which platforms help you build your business once all set up create social media pages then optimize your social media site with primary keywords, add a logo to profile picture, add the cover page, add a short description about your business.

  1. Start marketing your online presence 

In digital marketing, there will be search engine marketing and search engine optimization one of the main impact online presence when someone searches on Google related to your business your website as to be shown on search engine because most of the peoples search for information, products or services so optimize your site and start running a campaign with one objective.

  • Expand online advertising investing analytics measuring successful campaigns.

5. Analysis and adopt

  • Don’t expect anything too much too soon it takes a little bit of time set up, implement, to search engine.
  • Know your online goals and set yourself realistic goals and set your realistic expectations.
  • Use analytic tools track and measure what you doing and how it’s working.
  • Always keep update and adapt.

Chapter 3

Build online presences or website presence

Now we look at one of the main topics in fundamentals of digital marketing – building online presence it is like the heart of digital marketing without having online presence their nothing will happen in the digital world.

Let get started

An online business needs visibility through, website, blog, social media platform such as Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Why online presence important?

let’s take a look

if you want to build a personal brand, create brand awareness, you and your business should be visible online.

For example

If you have a local business-like hair salon or gym first create a local directory in google

my business, yahoo, Bing directory.

Step 1: Very important aspect in the local directory is to optimize with keywords, write discerption about your business, add photos, videos, opening and closing hours, and testimonials

Step 2: Create a business page on social media such as a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn page, YouTube channel, Pinterest. and optimize every page with a keyword, cover page, logo.

Step 3: The website should be clean and net app-related your business and plan your website should be online payment option, make sure you have to forces on the domain register and web hosting.

What is called a domain name?

The domain name is an address of your website name where the people searching in the browser URL bar to visit a particular website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an allocation of some space on a webserver to store some files images, videos, etc.

How website work:

 webserver and domain name a server is a computer connected to the internet with software allows store host piece of your website the code, image, video clips, and pretty anything else actually makes up your website it is going to the server because it server right content requested that is the page your website.


  • First set domain name about your brand.
  • Use a tool domain registrar for domain research, if anyone has taken the domain to go with an extension like .net or .in
  • Home page link to other pages about us, contact us, blog page.

Let ask the question yourself what people are looking for?

Use keyword research with the help of keyword planner tool or ubersuggest, and write content on your website, create hyperlinks to other pages.

Set your business goals on the website:

When creating website consider the way to combine your business goals together with your visitor want.

  • Using your website to further your business goals.
  • Think like a customer what they prefer.
  • Tell your story in about us section about your achievements

What are the things to consider before creating a website? 

  • Make sure your website is easy for visitors to use.
  • Your website should be able to navigate and interact with your site easy usability
  • Providing simple and clear navigation like your business address.
  • Create a consistent layout such as a call to action, buy now, learn more, map.
  • Write relevant and effective content.
  • Add navigation features like side menu, logo, search filed to redirect to other pages.
  • Quick loading page – speed is very important for SEO for ranking purposes.
  • The website should be mobile-friendliness because lots of searches come from mobile. it helps to rank on the search engine result page.

Build an online presence in search engine

  • every people search for some things they want to purchase online like shoes or they search for information on search engine.

Search can be done in many ways

There are 2 types of search engine marketing

1.organic search or search engine optimization – SEO will optimize your website with a specific keyword.

2.search engine marketing (SEM) – search engine marketing where you can pay money to google ads to run the campaign with specific audience and demographics, bidding keyword.

I will teach you about the search engine how it works and how to do SEO and SEM in detail in the 5th chapter and 6th chapter.

Another main important online presence

Build your online presence E-mail marketing to get more revenue for your business.

E-mail marketing relevant information / offers to people who already said they like here from you to people get to sign up / option received from you.

you’ll learn more about basic email marketing in the 8th chapter.

Chapter 4

Barnstorming online business strategy.

In Fundamentals of digital marketing guide, you have to understand Barnstorming online business strategy before you have to start any business to make sure which strategy suite for your business online.


In this chapter, you’ll learn how to make plan your business online like understanding your online goals, competitor analysis.


Every business has its own different goals and strategy such as increase sales, driving traffic, Lead Generation, Brand awareness. Reach more audiences.

If you want to increase sales drive traffic from paid ads and content marketing it will help to increase sales.

If you want to create Brand Awareness right platform social media is the best option for increasing brand awareness, value providing, engage with the audience, and also grow your leads.

If you wanted to sell something online like e-books, sell an online course.

now your goals are selling online course so in this scenario make some of the strategies like this

What you can do

  • Step 1: build a brand online then let’s start collecting email by running the Facebook ads your first objective should be generating leads by giving free value something like e-books downloads to your audience.
  • Step 2: building trust by providing useful information to your audience.
  • Step 3: retargeting with your audience already you have an email list this time you should sell your online course to those audiences call them for webinars provide value able content and finally make offer them about your course sell here.
  • In this step create a user-friendly landing page to sell your products online.

You can track customer behavior and performance.

Let’s assume  

If your running paid ads for digital marketing course to a student in Bangalore your online goals are visited your website to a particular landing page then you got 10,000 visitors to come from paid ads in that 3,000 people are looking for digital marketing course in Bangalore. But in these 3,000 visitors, only 250 people joined your digital marketing course is converted into sales.

Benefits of an online business strategy:

  • online business strategy can boost your business you can target your potential audience online.
  • Digital marketing strategy high rate of success to achieve your business goals.
  • An online business strategy helps to make the proper decision for your business.
  • You can easily understand goals.
  • Track data of every matric like customer behavior, demographical interest, people visiting a location, and much more

How to Compete with your competitor

Identify your audience what is their interest in your business and where they are active much, how much time they spent online, what time they are active online, find who is your competitor.

  1. identifies your competitor on google search with particular keywords
  2. Make a list of your competitor.
  3. Monitor competitor analysis

a). Strength– what is good at your business to the camper to others.

b). Weakness– think how to better if your weak online do best possibility’s.

c). Opportunity – what are all the opportunity you have to change and grow online.

d). treats– learn what is happening in online.

  • The tools you need to use for keyword searches in google use alternative keyword people looking for related to your business.
  • Implement the best keywords in the content on the website.

Chapter 5.

Let’s start with the Search engine.

Hey, it’s a very important chapter in the fundamentals of digital marketing.

In this chapter I’ll cover basic search engine, how it’s work, search engine optimization, types of search engine optimization, the process of SEO, google search console.

Let’s get started

Search Engine

Search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, when a person searches some query the search engine compares the query and pulling the best match catalog display on the search result page. What they looking AdWords, local listing, map, and related information.

Search is an only marketing strategy you can plan social media, email, display ads, but if your business product and selling online paying on online pretty safe.

How search engine works


search engine works with three primary function 




Let’s understanding crawling is search engine send the robots (crawler/ spider) to websites for finding the new content, images, and file, URLs, is known crawling.

Googlebot’s start crawling with few webpages then it follows their internal links (URLs) find the new content on those links then it sends to index.



Once crawl the website next process is indexing store huge database information on the server and understand the content and divide it into Groups& further decides which content it is related to which topic is known indexing.


Search engine ranking when person type the particular keyword on search query indexing analysis search intent and it understands search query analysis quality content then it discovers on Search engine results page.


Let’s understand search engine optimization

SEO Stand for search engine optimization is the process of getting quality and quantitative organic (free) traffic and using a particular keyword rank your website on search engine result page.

Types OF SEO Techniques

The 3 following are the three different types of SEO techniques

  1. Black hat SEO
  2. white hat SEO
  1. Gray hat SEO


Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is an unethical SEO strategy where the business looking for quick results it is done for only for search engine purpose and not for the human audience. Black hat SEO is an aggressive strategy and tactic to rank on search engines and Gaining a high range of profit with a short period.

Some of the example of black hat SEO 

  • Keyword stuffing, invisible text.
  • Invisible text.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Adding unwanted / irrelevant keywords.

Process of search engine optimization

keyword research checklist

1.Competitor analysis and website audit.

2.Keyword research.

3.Content writing and optimization.

4.On-page Optimization.

5.Content writing and optimization.

6.Link Building.

7.Technical SEO.

8. Tracking and measuring data.

Let’s understand what is keyword research

Keyword research is the process of discovering words where the Person searching for a particular word on a search engine, we can find those relevancy keywords, analyzing search volume, keyword difficulties, and targeting those keywords on our content to achieve goals on search engine.

How to choose the right keywords

Simple step to choose the right keyword

The first step goes to Google then searches your particular targeting keyword.

for example,

let’s assume you have a digital marketing institution so your primary keyword is digital marketing institution.

Now go to google and search “digital marketing institution “.

keyword suggest


You can see there some of the search terms google suggesting people are searching these popular words.

in that make a list of relevant keywords on your google sheet

like you have a digital marketing institution in Bangalore choose this keyword and list it on a google sheet.

google suggest


Then scroll down and find search related to digital marketing institutions and make a list of relevancy keyword on a google sheet.

And also, you can use free keyword suggestion tool keywordtool.io


keyword suggest

Second step

It is a very important step choosing a particular keyword to find the right search volume and keyword difficulties using free tools keyword planer and ubersuggest

google planner for keyword research

You can find above great search volume 1k-10k and Good competition medium FOR DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTION keyword.


keyword research tool

You can see the above ubersugget data good search volume and SEO difficulty.

If you want to more advanced features use a premium tool like SEMrush one of the best digital marketing tools for backlinks and keyword research, competitor analysis, and website auditing, site analysis, content ideas, social media analysis, much more try it once if you’re serious about digital marketing.

semrush seo tool


If you want to more advanced features use a premium tool like SEMrush one of the best digital marketing tools for backlinks and keyword research, competitor analysis, and website auditing, site analysis, content ideas, social media analysis, much more try it once if you’re serious about digital marketing.

Once you pick the right keyword write quality content on your website.

Understanding Google search console

Google search console is one of the SEO tools provided by Google for free cost of services you can find your website performance, fix the issues, and it help understand website performance and improve the website, measures report.

Benefits of search console  

  • It helps to improve Search engine visibility
  • Backlinks analysis on which website is linking to your website.
  • It helps fix your website errors
  • Search console suggest mobile usability
  • You can Analysis which keyword is performing better on your website.qw


How to Setup your Google search console account

First step: Create a New Gmail account for setting google search console purpose

Second step: search on google search box “google search console”


Click on the first result.

Then click on the start now button.


Next step clicks on add property on the left side and clicks on + sign add a property

google search console

Then select URL Prefix for easy to add your search console on the website

next enter your website URL

Then click on continue

search console set up


once you click on continue next you have verified the ownership of your website.

There will be 5 options or recommendation you verify ownership

  • Upload an HTML file on your website.
  • Add an HTML tag to your home page on the header tag.
  • Use your google analytical account.
  • You can use the GTM (Google Tag Manager) account.
  • Associate a DNS record with Google.

Here my one of the favorite recommendations Add HTML tag to your home page

Here simple step to verify

Step 1: Select HTML tag then copy the Meta tag

meta tag

Step2: once you copied meta tag if your WordPress user Go to plugins click on add new plugin right side you can find search box then search insert headers and footers you can find the first result install the plugin and activate the plugin.plugins

Step3: Now Goto Left side you can find setting click on setting then click on insert Headers and Footers once it has done.insert editor



Step 4: Now Go to Script in headers paste the meta tag and save it.

insert header and footer

Finally, you set up google search console now you can see the search console dashboard

search console dashboard




In this guide, I’ll cover an overview of search engine marketing basic, SEM auction, choosing a good keyword, make your ads stand out, the importance of the campaign

Search engine marketing one of the biggest opportunities to succeed in your business and the most effective way to grow the competitive business there are millions of people out there online. SEM most effective to promote your Product and services.


Search engine marketing Auction 

once you made query something or digital marketing course on google, the search engine processes three main steps Bidding, quality score, Ad rank, which will then determine the ad position every advertiser’s cost per click.

Here takes a look concept of ads auction 

Ad auction work on three factors

  • Bidding
  • Quality score
  • Ad rank

Let’ see the example How Ad auction works

1ST position A $2 10 20 1.61 $
2ND position B $4 4 16 3.01 $
3RD position C $6 2 12 4.01 $
4TH position D $8 1 8 Highest cost


In this above table, A advertiser rank on 1st position he bidding $2 his website quality score is 10 here cost per click is $1.61.

Search engine camper the B advertiser he ranks 2nd position and he bidding $4 but his quality score is only 4.

So here search engine applies the formula

Your price = Ad rank of the person below your /your quality score +0.1

=16 /10+0.1

Your price / cost per click = 1.61$

The formula for Ad Rank

Ad rank = quality score * max cost per click (bidding)

How to consider a good keyword

  • Consider keyword relevancy related to your business.
  • The very important thing you have to consider high search traffic per month.
  • Another important thing considers the low competition keyword.

Chapter 6. Overview of Social media marketing.

In this chapter I’ll cover basic social media, right social media for business, setting your goals on social media, start social media business accounts, and optimize.

Let’s get started

Get notice with social media 

Everyone active (including your customers, your competitor) on social media so it makes sense for your business to be there too.

Statistics of Social media

First, ask yourself / Understand why you need social media for your business.

Look at social media active users worldwide in 2020.

  • On Facebook, there are 2449 million active users.
  • On YouTube, there are 2000 million active users.
  • What’s App there are 1600 million active users.
  • Facebook messenger 1300 million active users.
  • Instagram 1000 million active users.
  • Tik Tok 800 million active users are there.

In this social media active user’s data, you can find your customers and competitor, you can promote your business and build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and sell products and services on social media, so you need social media.

Joining the right social media site.

joining every social media won’t work for every business so you have understood which social media right for your business


  • Understand who is your audience? (example: job, title, age, location)
  • Which social media site they use? (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Know your competitor using social media sites.
  • If your B2C business then LinkedIn won’t work for your business because it is best for B2B business so you have to choose Facebook, and Instagram is best for B2C business.
  • Right social media site for you choose a huge network site like Facebook, Instagram

Setting your goals on social media

  • Every social media set SMART Goals

S – Specific goals

M- Measurable

A- Achievable

R- Realistic

T – Time bomb

  • Understand your customer needs and research about you are customers what they want, what are expecting.
  • Create a social media buyer persona

Who are they? (job, interest, title, location)

What they interested in? (education, entertainment, case studies)

Where they active on social media? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

When they are active? (weekends, weekdays evening, everyday morning)

Why they have to consume your content? (to get benefits from your content)

How to do they consume your content (image, podcast, videos, document).

The key concept of social media marketing

Usually, start with joining social media networks opening an account and creating a business profile.

  • Create your social media business profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Optimize social media site with keywords, logo, content, description, profile photo, cover photos.
  • Make Competitor analysis where they are posting, what time they are posting, which kind of content they using, what kind of ads they are running.
  • Create brand awareness selecting social media channels
  • Once you create band awareness engage with your customers

Use social media analytics tools to measure and track the data.


Chapter 7. Let’s start content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the important topics in the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Even content is the king for SEO without content there won’t work SEO.

In this chapter, I’ll cover content marketing, know your online customers, choosing the right content format, writing the audience, promoting content, measuring the success in content marketing.

Let’s start

Content marketing

Content marketing is a creative and sharing online martial like video, image, blog, social media post is design to generate interest company products and services by capturing people’s attention.

It also helps you increase sales by driving traffic to your website boost brand awareness and build trust and recognize among your audience.

Generate content marketing campaigns based on understanding who you writing for more knowledge about your audience and share the passion as well as their pain, their easier would be engaged with the personal level tries considering the challenge.

  • Answering your audience question.
  • Providing something value
  • Keep them engage with choosing the right place to publish content using natural language to interacting make your content unique and interesting use engaging headline eye-catching pictures.

Understand your audience segmentation

understanding audience segmentation it dividend into who they are, why they are, Rather than spending money and targeting a wide range of audience segmentation helps your group to identify the most interest in your products and services results is the most cost-effective and easy way to connect with potential customers by researching your audience and segmentation into the group, you can create specific content that exists, entertainment and engages them to use the free tools like keyword planner and answer the public and you can utilize the tools from social media like Facebook, twitter analytics, Demographic, and audience behavior, connect with people.

Choosing the Right content format

To connect with your audience, provide value able content for free to your audience they will engage, learn, and share with your content then convert into customers.

Content format

  • Blog: one of the best content formats to drive website traffic writes original content in your blog., write unique content, quality blog post helps you increase publicity and give you interesting content share social media channels.
  • Video: video content is most effective to build personal branding, promoting your products, provide free valuable content like tutorials give information, testimonials they allow to brand engaging, entertaining, and useful content.
  • Infographic: infographic (information graphic) a visual representation information. It helps to understand easily to reader with visual content it represents with a beautiful graph, images. You can attract your audience and keep them engaging, share social media channels.

Measuring and tracking success in content marketing

Whether you targeting to increase sales or spread to word about your business if you don’t monetarize progress against the goal, it will be hard to know what you’re doing and it works, to start identify your goals and objective make sure measurable and trackable.

For example, if you writing content in the blog you have to measure specific matrices consider Demographics, age group, gender, location, how long back search, what they search for.

Some of the matric track

  • A number of pages view the blog received.
  • A number of transactions made on the site.
  • The number of visitors comes from social media chancel.

You can camper the matric to preview results last month’s blog post.

All the number of transactions made during the last quarter tracking the against the post result gives you a clear indicator of whether new strategy truly successes use a google analytical tool to measure and track results.

Chapter 8. Basic E-Mail marketing.

Email marketing one of the key aspects in the fundamentals of digital marketing

In this email marketing chapter, you’ll about connect through email and how to build email.

Let’s get started

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a great addition to other digital marketing activities why it builds customer loyalty and engagement without breaking a bank and it works on mobile too.

How to build an email 

set goals do you want to use showcase product and services and bring more visits to your website,

Do you want to drive business results like distributing coupons bring at list 10 sales?

  • lead magnet 

one of the best ways to build email here you have given free eBooks, free course, free too, calling webinar class, information, video course to you are the audience.

  • Landing page (a squeeze page)

Building a landing page is one of the great ways to build your audience leads easily.

  • Drive traffic 

You can also collect leads from blogs drive traffic and running the Facebook ads and google ads.

  • Start sending offers, educating tips.

You can also email for feedback about the shopping, customer support experience, and responding directly to them by knowing their problem you have to solve those problems, simply thanking the being customer.

Email marketing is a great way for you to develop a relationship with both potential and existing customers.

As you identify the different audiences you can customize communication-based on particular interest by offering useful and engaging content you can build loyalty over time as a strong customer base will help your business grow.

How does email marketing improve your business

  • Email marketing helps you to increase your sales.
  • Increase your repeat customer.
  • Email marketing one of the platforms to build your brand.
  • Gain the trust of your website.
  • Showcase social proof.


Chapter 8.

Basic web analytics Measure or track online marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing one of the key topic measures and tracking data to know the success of your business.

Final chapter measure and track online marketing through web analytics in this chapter we are discussing website analytics

there are plenty of analytic tools that are there in market web analytics tool helps to measure and track the key matric data of your site like how many visitors are visited your site, no of the session, bonus rate, conversation rate, average time, page views, demographical information, devices.

Also, you can find website traffic sources, organic sources, social traffics, referral traffics, direct traffic.

Measure every data set up a goal and follow the web analytical process to the success of online marketing


Process of web analytics 

Step 1: step up goals

Step 2: track the goals with the help of KPI

Step 3: Collect the right information

Step 4: analysis of the data

Step 5: test with alternative goals

Step 6: implement insights.


Bonus tips

Fundamental of digital marketing vast topic it little difficult to understand everything at a time just focus on digital presences, targeted traffic, measure and tracking data, retargeting or remarketing.


Hope you understood…

If you have any doubt fundamentals of digital marketing

Let me know by leaving a comment below immediately.






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